Friday, August 21, 2009

Those are shirley temples....

so last night was fun. its always fun being a hot mess every once in awhile haha. it was to hot there tho seriously i though i was gonna die or pass out after moving around so much. also made some new friends which is always a good thing. my stepdad just left for florida and im preeeeety happy about that but everytime he leaves im not allowed out because i have to watch the kids ( my dogs ) so i guess im stuck at home but im okay with that cos im preety tired and exhausted but im sure later tonight ill be ready again to go out but oh well i guess ill just keep my mom company tonight and the kids sigh. lol. i was gonna go party it up again for my girlfriends birthday at sambuca but whatev i dont even like sambuca because i dont get boogie with the salsa and merengue , bachata buisness. sorry not my thing. anyway im so stoked to see what were ordering for lunch today. its kind of a thing when my stepdad goes away , we order out and no more of the nastyness pasta haha. seriously if ur gonna make pasta atleast add some flava ! im thinking paninis yummmy. well summers almost over and in less then two weeks i start school again. im semi excited only because im happy to see people i havent seen in awhile but at the same time im still in that summer state of mind where i dont give a care in the world , sleep late or actually early as in 5 in the morning and not doing a damn thing everyday which reminds me i have to do my laundry later my shit of clothes are piling up into mount everest ! other than that lifes good, im happy and just enjoying every single day of my life.

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