Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Eliza<3

source:the selby.

woke up at 8am to eat a chocolate frosted doughnut then went straight back too bedd. now im up and waiting for my mom so i can get some money and head over to queens to chill with my bessssts . shes turning 19. we've been bestfriends since gradeschool and were still tighter then ever even though she lives all the way in the island :(. but its funny how we can not see eachother for months and then when i do get to see her its lik i saw her yesterday but yeah shes always been there for me and knows almost every detail of my life. she is the most independent girl i know and i wish her the best in everything and i hope she has a good night tonight . love the beeetchhh ;) . anyway right now im bored watching definitely,maybe. i love that movie and isla fisher. it sucks how like so much time was wasted when he could of just been with her but he wasted his time with those biatches. i guess sometimes thats how life works tho, if its right or meant to be it will eventually fall into place when its suppose to.

my throat still hurts what the fuck. and im hungry again roaar. someone upgrade my fridge please and i will love you forever.

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