Friday, September 25, 2009


made a tumblr

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


so its back to school.baack to resisting the urge to fall asleep in class. studying and doing homework. bleh. im dorming this semester tho and the rules really suck. oh well. im aiming for SUPERfragilistic amazing grades tho =). i wanna transfer but my mom wont let me -_-. i feel like im stuck on an island and i miss the city dearly !! im prolly gonna go home this weekend, i miss my dogs and bed and my mac computer ! my mom stuck me with this ugly black laptop!! looks like a boys computer -_- even more with the sticker my bf gave me to put on it. its a sticker of a brass knuckle which reminds me i forgot to bring one of my fave necklaces to school which is a brassknuckle hanging from a chain.its super cuteee! one of the flaws of dorming, when you want something but its all the way home -_-. oh well on a brighter note i dont have to wake up so early to go to class and my closet looks really cute . my dorm is super pink and yeah ! i guess thats about it cant wait till all my books i ordered from amazon come in so i can start gettin on track. hmmm ....idk what to wear tmrw . and i just ordered chinese food. also i have to tmobile store to upgrade my cell, and blah thats alll....