Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm digggggn' you, & im waaanting you.

im so bored ... on a FRIDAY NIGHT! fuck my life yo. hahaaaa i could of been out but my ass is helllaaaa lazy to move outta my box that i call my room. ANYWAAAAAAY yeah just finished watching true blood. that show doesnt tickle my fancy the way it use to. i use to be glued to the screen but now im like 'EHHH' what evs......

so like i need a job. A - SAP but whatever im about to go to the kitchen drink some of my diet pepsi and calll it a night, and its only 11 ; 20 the earliest ive slept this whole summer but schools so near why not fix my sleeping pattern now especially since i have nothing better to do but dream :) *tehhehehe. oh yeah before i sleep i think ima paint my nails, i had its teal green but i took it off. im think of painting it a nude color! what ya think? good...?? yeah i think good to.

okay young world, good night.

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