Sunday, November 22, 2009

im good, im gone!

hellloooo .... havent updated this in awhile. since ive beeen tumblin away haha. anways so im sick sick sicky right now :( MMM stayed at school in my dormitory over the weekend for the first time since this semester and if my b o y f didnt stay to keep me company i think i would die of boredem, and not just that the food sucks here and the chinese food i ordered last night sucked well it didnt suck, but it didnt satisfy me !
my birthday is a feeww days and so is my threeeeee months thinggg with my bf which is on the same day as my birthday as well as it being thanks giving. im not that excited lol but i swear when im 21 i will be !

its really hot in my room right now yawn , i cut back on smoking.... to the point where i dont even really have to smoke or anything which is a goood thing because ciggerettes are such a waste of money and i must say its a bad addiction as well as a nasty one too. i hate the smelll it leaves and so on......

cant wait to go shopping as well, i havent gone shopping in forever

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