Monday, August 17, 2009

Luminous Body Lotion

bought it from vicky secret. sure is luminous. and very glittttery. smells good to. got cherry blossom lotion to i like love that cherrry blossom stuff

anyways today just went with my friend to his job training thing and my other friend is moving into her new apt soon. feeels lik we wer jst in 8th grd everyones moving on so fast with there life.. anyway im lazy to blog into that so yeah.

my arm hurts wtf anyway im preety lazy to blog right now just updating quickly. nothing to exciting happened today just did late night swimming playing sharades with my friends and we made up nickname for eachother i am cellulite sally , my friend jade is fat al, eliza is skinnybinny and morgan is bullemic betty...dnt ask but yeah. anyways

xoxo, yours truly,
cellulite sally.

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