Tuesday, August 25, 2009

it's briittttttney bitch.

went to the britney concert with my stepdad and his nephew. wasnt feelin up for it cos i was tired so i didnt even really care but yeah she was preety good i guess her opening acts was wack except for ms jordin sparks...she wus the bombbb. and yea kristina deGARbarge and onecal opened up for her as well they both suck balls. but jordin sparks was amaaaazin :) . errrm earlier walked to w4 wit my biff to the marc jacobs store . bough a wallet and i was lookin for my fedora which i havent found any that look nice on me yet. and then walked back home which was torture....the weather was killin it for me ! so i bought a jamba juice- pina colada which was the bizness!!

anyway my fave song from her is sometimes-britney spears. and boys the remix with pharell

''I wanna believe in everything that you say
'Cause it sounds so good
But if you really want me, move slow
There's things about me you just have to know''

argh im coughin up a lung righ now....

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