Wednesday, August 26, 2009

if life gives you lemons.....

life is so random
and you never know
how things will turn out
i would never think the things
i went through or the things
ive seen of the 18 yrs i lived
i would actually go through
or see......

its just never know what the future holds or what it has in store for you, and its an interesting/fun journey to go through and find out.

anyways .... this is so weird i want to pinch myself a million times to be like is this for real hahaaaa...BUTTTTTTTT anyway im really happy. this is reallyyy random today this summer my lifeeeeee.......i dunnnnoooo but yeahhh im gonnaaa get reallly corny........ im like blushing as write this right now but.....

i wannnnaaaaa make sure i remember today. and even thoughhh we just met sorta , i feel really comfortable with youuuuu but at the same time shy idk how that works but yeahhhhh but i like how you played things out. blah blah blahh i feel corny so im gonna stop gooooodnight.

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