Friday, August 14, 2009

on cloud 9.

things to do before my summer ends:
go on a mini-vaca with mom & doggiebabys.
go fishing and actually catch a fish
possibly road trip
see how many marshmellows i can stuff in my mouth
find someone to watch time travelers wife with me
go to governors island
drink frozen hot choco again from serendipity

....maybe theres more but i cant think anymore.
anyway its 2:50 am and im awake as ever due to my nap from earlier and like always im the only one up in the house. going to the beach tommorow or more like later today because my plan to go to the beach yesterday failed. mhm ;) . anyways so like i feel like a little girl or something with my stupid face turning stupidly red and my stupid smile and the way my eyes light up everytime your name pops up. someone smack me. LOL.

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